COVID-19 Positive Cases Information

Updated information about case counts and resources at Uncommon Schools Rochester Prep

Please click on the name of your child’s school for their charter most up-to-date COVID cases reported to New York State. 

SCHOOL NAME  Address Phone Number
Elementary School 899 Jay St. 585-235-0008
Elementary School 3 85 Saint Jacob St. 585-368-5110
West Campus Elementary 305 Andrew St. 585-368-5100
Middle School 3 85 Saint Jacob St. 585-498-4455
Middle School – Brooks Campus 630 Brooks Ave. 585-436-8629
Middle School – West Campus 432 Chili Ave. 585-368-5090
Rochester Prep HS 14 Mark St. 585-368-5111

As you know, our community’s health and safety continue to be our first priority during this time, and our work together as partners in keeping our school community safe is essential to this goal. Our schools have many safety measures in place, such as universal masking, screening procedures, social distancing, enhanced cleaning procedures, and COVID-19 testing.

When we learn of any positive case:

  • We work in coordination with the local health department to identify who, if anyone, may be considered a “close contact.”
  • If your child is a close contact, our school nurse or member of the Operations team, will call you to determine if quarantine is necessary. We recognize that you may like more detailed information about the cases in question. Please be aware that we will respect the privacy of those impacted and will not provide any additional information about individuals who has tested positive or that may have been quarantined.
  • As a reminder, unless you are notified otherwise, you can assume that schools are open and operating on their regular schedule.

We count on your continued partnership as we work to keep our community safe. As a reminder, here’s how you can help:

  • Keep your children home if they exhibit symptoms or test positive for Covid-19. Be sure to fill out Healthpass to indicate there are symptoms and or a positive case and contact your school to inform them your child will not be coming that day.
  • If your child begins to experience symptoms during the day, please pick them up from school if called. We understand it’s not always easy or possible to make the trip to your child’s school in the middle of the day and encourage you to identify other family members or friends who may be willing and able to assist if needed.