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Our Schools

On The Path To College 

Rochester Prep, which is part of the Uncommon Schools network, is dedicated to its mission of preparing all students to enter, succeed in, and graduate from college.  As one of the few charter schools in Rochester that operate elementary, middle, and high schools, Rochester Prep’s students are immersed in college prep culture from their very first days with us.  College pennants adorn school hallways, homerooms are named after universities, and students take field trips to college campuses.  Every day, students are invited to feel the joy of learning, do the hard work necessary to meet high academic expectations, and take one more step toward a bright and exciting future. 

We believe our scholars develop strong character in a supportive and structured environment.  Our aspirational student culture and clear, carefully planned procedures ensure that students feel safe at school and can focus on learning.  The schedule provides for more learning time, including a longer school day, a longer school year, and extra help outside of regular school hours.  Rochester Prep teachers constantly collect data about how each student is learning and then adapt instructional strategies to meet individual needs.  This ensures that all students make steady progress.  Teachers also communicate regularly with families about students’ academic progress and behavior.  The entire Rochester Prep community – teachers, leaders, and families – will stop at nothing to ensure students’ success.